The Lash - Fire Under Grace CD Cover

A final slice of Celtic Rock and Americana from The Lash

This collection by The Lash, their final release, includes elements of Americana and Gypsy music, as well as a couple centuries old Celtic tunes, and six new originals by Rob Klajda. Visit any of the links to preview and buy the disc, or listen to it on any streaming service – Spotify, Google, Apple, Pandora, and all the rest!
The Lash - Every Direction CD Cover
The Lash - Every Direction (2001)
The Hardwires CD Cover
The Hardwires (2013)
Hopening Quartet - Epiphany Demos
Hopening Quartet - Epiphany Demos (2014)
Hopening CD cover
Rob Klajda - Hopening (2012)